Montana RV Registration – Montana Motorhome Sales Tax

April 30, 2008

It is not necessary to pay sales tax when you purchase a motor home, motorhome, 5th wheel or travel trailer. You can save thousands of dollars in sales tax when you register your motorhome in Montana. You can also register, title and purchase license plates for your 5th wheel or travel trailer at low registration fees and no sales tax in Montana. RV sales tax and RV property tax is based on the buyers residential address.  Establish a Montana LLC and have your Montana limited liability company purchase your motor home thereby transferring motorhome tax to Montana where there is no motor home sales tax or RV property tax. Montana vehicle registrations are some of the lowest in the country as they are not calculated on the RV value. Montana motor home registration is calculated based on the year of the RV and cannot exceed $311.00 for a brand new motorhome. There are companies that can handle this for you like If anyone needs to better understand this or has taken advantage of this program please let me know.